Tube Buddy Review

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Video marketing is one the most cost-effective methods to drive traffic to your websites. Marketers on a tight budget should consider video marketing on YouTube first when trying to drive traffic to their blogs.


It is free to create an account and upload videos. Google also tends to favor YouTube videos when searching for keywords. This is understandable as YouTube is owned by Google.


You will need to be familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) in order to rank your videos on YouTube and Google. Your video might rank well on YouTube but that does not necessarily mean it will rank high in Google search results.


However, ranking a video is still much easier than ranking a blog post on Google.

To find out the secrets of the top-ranking videos, you had to do reverse engineering. This was a tedious and time-consuming process that didn't give you all the answers.


Tube Buddy is the most popular YouTube SEO tool.


Let's look at why so many marketers use it to rank their videos on YouTube and Google.



The pros


* It's completely free


Tube Buddy is free to download, but its features are limited. It will still give you useful information, and you can learn how it works.


* Simple installation


Tube Buddy can be installed in just minutes. You can link it to your channel, and it will provide all the information you need. You can find tutorials that will show you how to set it all up and use Tube Buddy. It's easy to use and intuitive, so you will be able to figure it out quickly.


* Numerous features


Tube Buddy, despite its simple appearance, is loaded with features that will optimize your videos. These are just a few features...


* To help you rank your videos better, we'll show you suggested tags.


* The keyword explorer tool can help you locate more keywords.


* Create thumbnails with the thumbnail generator.


* A video topic planner is available to help you ensure that there are always topics.


* Tube Buddy provides statistics to help you determine the best time for your videos to be published.


* Your videos can be posted directly to Facebook.


* A/B Split testing your videos allows you to keep the highest converting and eliminate the others.


Tube Buddy makes it easy to bulk process your videos and post them on YouTube.


Are you curious about viewer retention? Tube Buddy provides insights into this metric as well.

You'll soon realize how powerful this tool is! If you are doing video marketing, can you afford not to have it?


* Affordable


Don't be alarmed if you are wondering how much this will cost. The cost is $7.20 per month for subscribers under 1000, or $3.60 per month for subscribers over 1000.

Tube Buddy is affordable for even the most budget-conscious video marketers.


The Cons


There are few cons to this product. Tube Buddy is a great tool that gives you data and insight, but it doesn't tell you what to do. That's up to you. You might also want to take a video marketing course.


A new license will be required for each channel that Tube Buddy is used on. If you have multiple channels, it can be costly and difficult to manage them all.


Tube Buddy has no real disadvantages.


Do You Need It?


If you are doing video marketing, this tool is a must-have.


These features are so helpful that they not only help with SEO but also increase productivity and help your channel grow.


It's only a matter time before you begin to make a lot of money with your channel. Tube Buddy is one such tool that can make all the difference.


It's your chance to take your video marketing skills to the next level.