It generally happens when we see something which does not happen commonly around us.

You surfing Facebook or probably watching a video on YouTube and you get an Advertisement in front of you showing a Guy with Luxury Cars, Royal Backgrounds and various screenshots of PayPal or some other platform displaying a regular inflow of Cash in them. And the figures are huge enough to grab your attention.

You probably have not seen something like this before. So, it makes you curious and you start paying more attention to it, listening to it, watching it. The Ad shows how that person is making money while he sips his drink on the Beach and typing something on his laptop. Now it really starts making you curious. You may not have told it to someone yet but you always thought of having this lifestyle. If you continue watching the ad, he’ll start explaining how easy it is and you too can achieve it if you want. This builds enough mental momentum and you click on the link mentioned there. It takes you to a particular website which shows more pictures of a wealthy lifestyle. Mansions, Cars, Money, Girls. You name it and he has it.

After showing all his achievements, the Guy agrees to teach you how you too can live a life like this. He has written a book which gives you the exact blueprint of his action steps. And if you buy it, you too can achieve what he has.

By now, you’re really pumped up to fulfill the long lost dream of yours. You pull up your Credit Card, enter the details and make the purchase.

Has it ever happened to you??? Let me know in your comments.

Now, as he has got your attention, and some of your money too, you’re going to do exactly what he asks you to do. You’ll be asked to go through the Book word for word and follow the action steps. Those steps would further demand you to make some purchases which would speed up your learning and earning curve. One action leads to another, so on and so forth. You’ll end up buying way too many things which you may never need probably.

And still, your dream of living the Laptop lifestyle is still many miles away.

It happens with most of us on daily basis. Every now and then, we watch something which scratches some of our deepest desires and makes us do many things which we won’t do otherwise.

This is good in some scenarios though but not always.

Better to keep your calm, think rationally and then make your decision. These videos, words, music, and screenshots are designed by professionals. They know how to trigger you to follow their steps.

There’s no such thing as “Overnight Millionaire” in any business (unless you’re in the habits of buying lottery tickets)

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