In the year 2016, we wanted to purchase a house. And you know it is tedious work. We had to go and see various locations of our choice for a good lifestyle, safety, accessibility, services available in the vicinity, etc.

After selecting a few to choose among, we paid multiple visits to check all the related aspects. After finetuning, we selected two and wanted to finalize one of them. They both were Apartments. One on the First Floor and another on Third.

For the final selection, I asked one of my Building Contractor friend to help me with checking the construction quality, land type or any other thing which could make a difference in the endurance of a building, which he gladly agreed to.

——— to add more text later related to checks and finalizing the property ————

Assume you’re thinking about building a house of your own where you would spend rest of your life. Will you spend all your money, efforts and resources to construct your dream house on a Ground which is not stable, not your own or at an unsafe location?

I am positively assuming your answer as “No”. And you can come up with infinite reasons why you won’t do that. Safety, Security, Reliability, Durability, etc. are just a few.

And the same question regarding your business would undoubtedly fetch the same answer. No, you’ll not make a living on something which is not your own, of good quality, got less credibility. You got the picture.

Internet Business is just like that. It is a Real Business, and it makes real money and certainly enough to let you live a life of your choice.

If everything is real, then why not the platform?

Google shows 1.5 billion searches of the Keyword “How to Make Money Online for Free?”

We often try to figure out a way to build our online empire on tools of less reliability, free or less cost of running and the knowledge which is available free of charge around every corner of the internet.

One cannot expect to get a free qualification from here and there and get a high paying job.

Internet marketing is no exception. It’s a real business, and one must treat it like one. It has it’s start-up costs, running costs, maintenance costs like any other regular business.

You need good education, right platform and proper tools to establish your Online Business. Period.

So invest in yourself, enhance your knowledge, spend time with right Mentors and with proper legit tools. They will make your work easy and give you an excellent ROI (Return on Investment)

Good Luck!

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