Few words about me from my own Keyboard (Giggles)

I am Gaurav Verma, the name, and face behind https://activepassiveincome.com

I had been doing Internet Marketing since last 8 months, and like all beginners, I too had followed various Gurus, Mentors, Programs, E-Books/Courses and various Application Software.

Gaurav Verma & Family

Me, my wife Simran, our two boys Aditya and Atharva

And actually, a few could justify the hype created on the Sales Page. I did find few things which worked, but many which didn’t. After checking all my progress of last 8 months, I decided to share the things which I did to achieve the success in Online Marketing and the things I should have avoided.

Someone wise has said that we don’t live long enough to make all the mistakes ourselves and learn from them. We must learn from other’s mistakes too.

That’s the motive for creating this blog. To share what works and what not. If you are serious about making your mark in the Industry, the information would help.


Keep a check.

Gaurav Verma

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